Takai is blended from natural cocoa and coffee with other natural aromas as well as high quality ingredients which impart a distant taste. It is packaged in beautifully designed bottles, and sold in specially designed cartons to meet international appeal. Takai liqueur is unique as a great digestive and is also consumed as a good appetizer. The attractive packaging makes Takai a presentable gift to any special person. It is available in 700ml.



Buccaneer Rum is believed to have originated from North America in the 17th Century, and it was the choice of sea pirates of the West Indies who fancied rum as the best drink on the high seas. Even in modern days, Buccaneer Rum serves as a good medium to building lasting comradeship and is widely consumed among peers after a hard day’s work. Buccaneer Rum is matured in wooden caskets, giving it its characteristics taste. Connoisseurs have rated it as one of the best finest rum ever produced in the world. Buccaneer Rum can be enjoyed neat (straight) or in a cocktail with a chilled soft drink. It is available in 700ml.


Sorrento Sweet Vermouth is made from rich Algerian grapes. Some consumers refer to it as “Table Wine” because it has certain characteristics, which turn every meal into a rich one. It mixes well in all cocktails and leaves a lasting taste and feeling of personal wellbeing. It is available in 700mls





Castle Bridge Gin is made of pure molasses distilled from sugarcane. The painstaking measure employed at every stage of the distillation process has earned the brand its superb taste and high quality. Its distinct quality has positioned it as one of the top quality gins produced and widely patronized in West Africa. Castle Bridge London Dry Gin is tall, cool and refreshing and an excellent Gin that stimulates on all occasions. It is a perfect gin for consumers, and can be drunk straight or in cocktail with a variety of drinks, especially for those who enjoy making recipes for every occasion. The quality of Castle Bridge Gin matches the world’s leading brands and yet the price matches every local pocket. The brand was adjudged the best in Food and Drink Award, organized by the National Quality Awards for year 2002. Castle Bridge is an excellent drink that stimulates appetite and refreshes you on all occasions. It is available in 750ml, 200ml and 50ml sizes.


Mandingo is made from carefully selected indigenous herbs and other ingredients which give it a very smooth and unique taste, and make it invigorating and full of power. It makes an ideal base for refreshing cocktails, the choice of those who want to go the extra mile. It is well researched, tested and certified by the Ghana standard Board, the Centre for Research into Plant Medicine, and Ghana Food Drugs Board. It is consumed straight, in a cocktail with Herb Afrik and variety of other drinks or served on ice. It is available in 700ml,200ml and 50ml


Herb Afrik Gin Bitters is blended from herbal extracts of selected African plant barks, roots, leaves and fruits. The ingredients are carefully selected for their potency, and other beneficial properties. It is appreciated for its pleasant taste and soothing effect while it answers the growing need of consumers for a drink with potent and beneficial herbal ingredients. It is well researched, tested and certified by the Ghana Standards Board, the Center for Research into Plant Medicine, and Ghana Food and Drugs Board. It is consumed straight, in a cocktail with Mandingo Bitters and a variety of other drinks or served on ice. It is available in 700ml, 200ml and 50ml sizes.


Chevalier Brandy is made from pure sun ripped grapes in Europe. Its average maturity age is over three (3) years. It is of distinct quality and superior to other brands blended and bottled in Ghana, and compares favorably with any imported brand. Chevalier brandy is the drink which welcomes patron’s home after a hard day’s work, or after a long social outing. Relax with Chevalier Brandy. Ask for Chevalier at parties, and do not forget to complete your cocktails with Chevalier Brandy. Available in 700ml



Kaiser is a top quality aromatic schnapps blended and bottled in Ghana. The product was developed in association with John de Kyuper and Zoon of Scheidam of Holland. It was blended on the ancient formula that won the “Crown of Awards of Perfection” in Europe. Kaiser’s distinct quality makes the product, the best choice on occasions such as traditional festivals , performance of customary rites from birth, through marriage to death, in Ghana and in neighbouring countries. It is also the preferred schnapp and used for praying homage to chiefs and kings. It is available in 750mls bottles. 

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