The term London dry gin signifies quality. For a gin to be called London dry gin its organoleptic must result from a complete distillation of all botanicals and plants used.

Nothing is to be added after distillation except water and this is the process of producing castle bridge consistently over the years.Castle bridge has an alcohol percentage of 40.

This Gin is loaded with Juniper berries which is a natural medicine that contain anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties along with some antioxidants,consuming Castle bridge lowers your chances of getting sick.


This Gin is so potent that, 

~ It cures malaria.

~It aids digestion.

Castle bridge remains the best gin in Ghana and one of the best in the world. 

Therefore look no further than Castle Bridge London Dry Gin.


This is our local spirit [Akpeteshie] that has been treated and distilled twice for a fine taste and finish.
The process of distillation removes content of the local spirit that is unhealthy for the body.
The distillation process also reduces excessive odour while maintaining the taste of the spirit.
There are no flavors and additional ethanol added so this makes the taste rich.
Apet dry gin has alcohol percentage of 40.

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