Chevalier Brandy is made from pure sun ripped grapes in Europe. Its average maturity age is over three (3) years. It is of distinct quality and superior to other brands blended and bottled in Ghana, and compares favorably with any imported brand. Chevalier brandy is the drink which welcomes patron’s home after a hard day’s work, or after a long social outing. Relax with Chevalier Brandy. Ask for Chevalier at parties, and do not forget to complete your cocktails with Chevalier Brandy. Available in 700ml


Gihoc buccaneer rum is a golden brown rum distilled from fermented sugar cane molasses like all legitimate rums. It is a full bodied rum matured in oak barrels. It is among the finest rums in the world. Its prominent flavor note has found uses in the bakery industry as well.

Buccaneer rum has an alcohol percentage of 42. It is taken straight or as a cocktail.

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