Mandingo Bitters

Mandingo bitters is made from extract from a wide range of medicinal herbs. It comes with many benefits as defined below;

  • It is an appetizer

  • It is potent in relieving one of indigestion problems.

  • It is a rich source of anti-oxidants.

Good for the men who want to prove a point.

HerbAfrik Gin Bitters

Herb Afrik bitters, known to be one of GIHOC’S best product is blended from herbal extracts selected from African¬† medicinal herbs, spice, roots, fruits and barks. The ingredients are carefully selected for their medicinal properties and potency. It has a unique taste and a soothing effect when taken.

Herb Afrik has been formulated to satisfy consumers need for product with beneficial herbal plants and with other benefits including;

  • Relief from fever caused by malaria.

  • Improvement of fertility in men.

  • Relief of constipation.

  • Relieve of menstrual cramp and free flow in women.

  • Anti-inflammatory. and also an

  • Appetite booster.

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